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We are more than a manufacturer of specialized textile products for the defense market; we are renowned for our quality control efforts, automated stitching and cutting capabilities, and our commitment to continuous improvement through leading-edge technology. This combination of excellence plus the dedication of our strong team are just a couple of reasons why ICP Defense is the premier sewing supplier in North America.

ICP Defense, previously International Custom Products Inc. (ICP), was established in 1985 as an award-winning company specializing in custom-design, engineering and manufacture of mechanically-stitched textile-based products for the defense market.

Located in Toronto, Canada, ICP Defense operates out of a modern manufacturing facility of 67,000 square feet and has a staff of 150 full-time employees including a core management group with technical, engineering, manufacturing and military-built solutions expertise.

ICP Defense is major sub-contractor to some of the world’s largest defense companies and has been recognized as one of the most responsive, innovative, high value suppliers of engineered and customized stitched products.


Our Team

Our team is committed to producing high quality and consistent quality products. At ICP Defense, our team works with you throughout the project, providing updates and insights along the production path. Ensuring you are kept abreast of your project is the key to its ultimate success.

ICP Defense maintains a full-time multidisciplinary staff, comprised of individuals from many different backgrounds. ICP Defense’s professional staff consists of experts from a number of disciplines, including: technical, design, engineering, defense, manufacturing and business. Based on the needs of each project, a team is assembled to produce timely solutions at minimized expense to our clients. Management of these various projects provides cross-functionality and benefits across our divisions.
We’ve created a strong team with a solid reputation of integrity, which can be experienced in every aspect of your interactions with them.

Defense, About, Team, ICP Defense
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