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Advanced Stitching

ICP Defense’s innovative manufacturing, cutting, and stitching processes ensure that every defense textile product is created with the best fabric and stitch work for all of your defense product needs. Each stitch is created with our cutting-edge defense manufacturing capabilities, giving you exceptional quality with our expert system technology, quality machine work, manufacturing process, and exceptional textile production.

Our production and engineering staff begin every stitching and manufacturing project early in the design process by using an integrated approach to our machine technology, ensuring that you receive immaculately-designed defense products with top quality fabric, stitching, and cutting. Each product is produced and manufactured on target, on time, and on budget.

We are experienced in using various materials, manufacturing, and cutting techniques for fabrics such as nylon, webbing, canvas, Kevlar, leather, vinyl, felt, plastic, foam, ballistic material, and specialized hardware. Our innovative stitching technology, machine capabilities, and expertise allow us to sew top-of-the-line products and provide quality textile solutions, from custom embroidery, to zig-zag and cross-stitch options.

Our Defense Manufacturing capabilities and technology, combined with our expertise in manufacturing technologies and quality control, help us in the development and manufacturing of military and defense textiles. Our cutting-edge sewing machines, manufacturing and decoration are all what set ICP Defense apart. Our competitiveness, combined with our dedication to product manufacturing and design work, has made our sewing experts and manufacturers the leaders in our industry.

Each stitch is the result of decades of expertise from our embroider specialists and sewing experts. ICP Defense will employ one of the many straight stitch, zig-zag, serger (overcast), binder, double needle, or automated stitch pattern machines on our production floor to ensure your product is stitched to your specifications and requirements. The quality of the stitch-up procedure, including stitch length and other aspects of our stitching capabilities, achieve the best products from our innovative machines and exceptional design process.

Some of the key capabilities of our services for the Defense Manufacturing industry include:
  • High speed computerized cutting and sewing
  • Automated webbing and Velcro cutting system
  • In-house designed automated stitching
  • Automated cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Programmable sewing
  • Bench assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Strength testing
  • Tight tolerance measurement
  • Embroidery
  • Silk screening
  • Heat transfer
  • Quality, prompt manufacturing

We sew a variety of textile products for all aspects of the Defense Manufacturing industry, including military and Aerospace personnel. We provide the best solutions for your defense textile needs with precise manufacturing, expert technical knowledge, skilled sewing and stitching capabilities, and prompt delivery.

In our work with every defense and military contract, we ensure that all aspects of our textile stitching and manufacturing systems exceed the expectations of our customers each time. In our support for our troops, we are proud to deliver the best quality products to every manufacturing customer that hires us, providing an exceptional service that is unparalleled in the Defense Manufacturing industry.

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