ICP Defense custom designs and manufactures defense goods and textiles for the military defense market. We work with several military contracts, including the Navy, Army, Air Force and other Reserves and Defense Forces, to introduce custom defense products that can be used for all aspects of the military industry. Some of these products include parachutes, propellant bags,  and other custom goods for the defense market.

Backed by over three decades of custom defense experience and expertise, ICP Defense offers a wide variety of capabilities to meet the needs of all of our defense industry clients every year, and for every mission.

Highlights include:
  • Capability of sewing high quality materials for the global defense market (including Land, Air and Sea) using state of the art technology and following new trends.
  • Defense projects ranging from short production runs to long-term high volume jobs. We serve all market sizes in the defense industry.
  • High-tech diversified selection of custom defense sewing and cutting equipment.
  • Provide fast turnaround, if needed.
  • 30+ years of high quality sewing expertise and knowledge.
  • Capability of sewing and converting a wide range of materials consistently and efficiently.

Whether you’re sourcing high volume production or contract work in the global defense market, we specialize in working with you from defense design and development, through to complete manufacturing and global delivery. Our defense capabilities offer 30 plus years of experience, making us the expert in this field.

Our goal is to see your custom defense textile project realized through our hands-on custom defense textile expertise. Our knowledge of military manufacturing helps us to envision, create and develop military textile projects for the defense market from start to finish; ensuring that the final product suits the industry demands to its exact capability. From military parachute solutions to global textile industry demands, ICP Defense meets all military standard requirements to enhance and protect our troops during every mission. Some of our top custom defense textile goods include: parachutes, jackets, vests, harnesses, gun and riffle bags, and much more!

We proudly serve both the United States and Canada.

Due to the highly confidential natural of our work, ICP Defense values a highly strict privacy policy. We engage in a high security protocol to ensure that all information is secure and confidential.

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