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Design & Development

Working with the largest defense and development clients in North America requires trust and integrity. At ICP Defense, we are the trusted source of defense product research, design, and development. Our contract manufacturing and mechanically stitched textile products integrate the highest quality of our expert designer’s defense concept capabilities.

With over three decades of experience, our designer team has extensive training in developing a hands-on approach to creating all new products using our unique defense textile capabilities. Our reputation, which is unprecedented, works on our ability to build a level of trust, integrity, and professionalism at every stage in the manufacturing and development process.

Although our in-house designed textiles and product design process may not be unique to the military textile industry, our clients engage with our product development and research experts to ensure that each military and industrial grade textile product is custom-created with a highly effective level of technical skill. Our tactical approach and focus on the development of highly sophisticated military textile equipment puts us ahead of the competition. With our design expertise and advanced technique, our application to all custom military products is the key to our proficient development process.

In order to understand all aspects of your specific industry’s defense and military textile development needs, our designers incorporate a unique framework to build our clients’ specific wish list. This helps us work towards discovering the best possible design and engineering capabilities that we will need to incorporate. From this framework, we then create a prototype, which once approved, will help in the work and application of the project.

No new product is outside of our technical expertise, as our state-of-the-art equipment is able to tackle any defense product development process. Our systems, which are specifically catered to the product development on the part of our designers, includes extensive research and prototype testing to give us the best possible concept to fit out clients’ needs. It’s therefore crucial that in the process of developing new products, we involve the client as much as possible to ensure an effective development process with tactical results.

After our designers complete all measuring and testing, our design development process is ready to go to the manufacturing phase. To ensure that development goes smoothly, our team integrates the highest measures in concept development and
execution to build the best product fit for our clients’ demands.

Highlights of our service include:
  • Sales and design staff with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Extensive research and tactical development
  • Engineering services and heightening engineering skill
  • Experienced designers & manufacturing professionals
  • Vast resources of materials & hardware
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • First article testing

At ICP Defense, we guarantee security for all of our contacts. In order to establish safe and prompt delivery, as well as maintain the privacy of our contracts, we employ all necessary security measures to deliver both current and new products in a safe and efficient manner. This ensures that your contract, regardless of the systems used, is protected with the utmost privacy and security.

We have made it our goal to design products that are manufactured in-house at our facility consistently and efficiently, without compromising quality or aesthetics.

From overseas contracts, to Aerospace engineering and design, ICP Defense is capable of effectively handling all of your military textile needs.

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