The ICP Defense engineering and technology team has the flexibility and design expertise to work with all of your national, U.S. or Canadian military textile needs. From parachute engineering, reserve parachutes, and military parachute manufacturing, to manufacturing processes and options, ICP Defense employs the very best in mechanical engineering and defense manufacturing strength, design, and efficiency.

As a leading manufacturer in the military textile and parachute industry, we provide expert engineering capabilities to produce military textile products for prestigious military organizations, including the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard. Our company is focussed on national combat defense manufacturing and engineering technology by taking the best possible approaches to our mechanical workmanship, employing science and technology that goes above and beyond current industrial textile department standards.

Our complete life-cycle approach to engineering all products, including our highly popular parachutes, takes design manufacturing to the next level. Our leading research and exceptional design requirements, as well as our state-of-the-art technology, allows our company to take part in an adaptable operation opportunity to partner with customers from start-to-finish in the engineering and defense manufacturing process. We dedicate our company and its leading military engineering capabilities to every military contract we work with, in the United States of America, and beyond.

From department research and development, to the inspection of electrical equipment, to the final engineering and defense manufacturing phase, we ensure that we meet, and often exceed, compliance needs and certifications for every military contract we serve. In addition, we are able to incorporate any and all feedback from our client base for the facilitation of better textile and military sustainment options for your organization.

Every state-of-the-art product, including our parachutes, is a result of professional engineering capabilities, combined with decades of engineering education and mechanical engineering. Together, they design and build proficient engineering machinery that executes high quality products for all military services, including contracts available through the U.S. Army, Navy, and other U.S. Military organizations.

Our systems are specifically catered towards the design, sewing, and defense manufacturing of raw materials that serve as the main design content for each of our military textile products. The engineering and technology capabilities involved in the design and defense manufacturing processes, including mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and electrical engineering processes, enhance the sustainment of our parachutes and other textiles, ensuring quality military defense manufacturing products for both training and combat purposes.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Defense Design conceptualization and defense manufacturing
  • CAD drawing
  • Industrial parachute prototyping and development
  • Process design, optimization & innovation
  • Validation testing
  • Technical documentation, interpretation, and preparation
  • Tooling/equipment R&D
  • Review specifications/regulations
  • Continuous technology improvement initiatives and commercialization
  • Technical and manufacturing support
  • Project management for service members
  • Product manufacturing processes and industry standards
  • Automation

Although we typically cater to U.S. and Canadian Military contracts for Army and Navy defense manufacturing, we are manufacturers of defense textile products and systems all over the world. Each year, we look to expand our combat manufacturing capabilities and technology beyond North American soil, engineering custom products for global defense training and combat.

In the event of a war, we are at the forefront of defense textile design, development, engineering, and defense manufacturing, creating products for every industry demand and expectation. Our advanced designs for airborne capabilities, including aircraft parachute products and other military parachute capabilities, allow the best quality in solider and military training and deployment techniques.

We are increasingly expanding our reach across America towards additional global military forces. With our experience supporting countless American Military contracts, our advanced knowledge, engineering technology, and defense manufacturing processes are able to supply and deliver a wide range of global military services. We are proud of the innovation capabilities we have ascertained over the years, and with our skills in engineering prestigious technological systems, we are the leading manufacturer in all advanced military industry contracts and needs.

ICP Defense supports our troops. From every Canadian or American Military base, to each Marine Corps officer, paratrooper, and even Coast Guard, we work to provide the very best for the brave military soldiers who fight in for freedom every day.

For more information on any of our engineering or defense manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

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