Specialties – Parachutes

ICP Defense has been a major International supplier of parachute delivery systems for over 20 years. Being a prominent manufacturer of illuminating flare parachutes, and other technology and capability driven equipment, ICP Defense has played a prominent role with the design and manufacturing of tens of thousands of parachutes every year. These chutes have been used in the international parachute market as subsystems in target, illumination, and rescue operations.

As a parachute manufacturer, ICP Defense produces parachutes and components for a large variety of ordnance delivery systems and unmanned vehicle systems. In addition, we have particular expertise in producing parachutes and delivery systems used during military missions with methods that include drones, unmanned parachutes, and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our parachutes are used for numerous military purposes and components, typically to deploy illumination rounds at a slower rate, or to deploy cargo safely into battle. Parachutes can also be used to deploy objects into aerospace, or in the case of drogue parachutes, to aid in horizontal deceleration of a military vehicle.

All deliveries are considered time sensitive and delivered with excellent supply turnaround. Products are made of the finest quality materials, including ripstop nylon, nylon, canvas, silk, kevlar, and dacron.

ICP Defense Parachute Products Include:
  • Cargo delivery assemblies – have the capability to drop large cargo from high altitudes.
  • Illuminating flares – manufactured to aid nighttime target illumination and rescue operations.
  • High velocity cross chutes – can be dropped from higher altitudes, and in High Speed conditions. The Aeronautics technology used to create them gives them the capability to land in most weather conditions, as they have high air resistance capabilities.
  • Acoustic sensoring sonobuoys – these parachutes are dropped/ejected from aircraft or ships conducting anti-submarine warfare or underwater acoustic research.
  • Aerial submunitions – unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned systems, and drones for the purpose of releasing SUAS products, robotics, and weaponry to a base or target.
  • Drogue parachutes – parachutes manufactured as a supplier of larger parachute systems, ejected from an unmanned aircraft system, or other aerodyne craft. Ideal for high speed missions and air resistance.

All parachutes can be used in any military operation or organization, including all UAS vehicle systems.

ICP Defense has been manufacturing parachutes, including military drogue, cargo, flare, sonobuoy, and illumination parachutes for over 20 years. As the first parachute manufactured by ICP Defense, our illumination parachutes are the most popular of our parachutes, and the ones that reflect our greatest expertise. We cater towards the military industry, providing illumination military parachutes for all of your defense needs.

At ICP Defense, we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach as we work to design and create a final product that fits your exact needs. Every military parachute type requires different technology and equipment, and are here to meet any challenge, from the ground up!

Our experience and expertise in parachute manufacturing make us the manufacturer that you need for all of your parachute accessory needs!

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