We understand how important quality is, particularly in the Defense, Aerospace, Security and Intelligence market. Our lives often depend on the strength of a stitch, especially when it comes to quality management and quality assurance in the defense industry. It’s for this reason that ICP Defense strives to deliver the best quality products for all of our contracts, time and time again.

At ICP Defense, we have an impressive 30 plus year history in the field of textile stitching. This has included extensive technological advancements, stitching techniques, and equipment investments to keep abreast of changing trends within the defense market. We provide capabilities that match, and sometimes exceed the expectations of clients associated with aerospace technology and military standard procedures.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in the process of adapting to the nuances of unique materials and manufacturing techniques. We actively work to improve all designs, and comply with all safety standards. Our team’s strength is as durable as the stitching we use: every contracted military stitching activity is created to ensure durability, while meeting any and all government standards for quality.

Our industry experience and unwavering commitment to quality and technological advancements benefits not only our customers, but also the entire defense industry, keeping the warfighter in mind for each product that we ship. We attribute this commitment to our extensive knowledge of matching specifications during manufacturing and inspection.

We document our inspection process for many purposes, one purpose is to monitor any continuous improvements that may be necessary. Our products go through a strict configuration control system to ensure that they meet our clients’ needs. With this system, we enable consistency and accountability, two invaluable qualities that are so vital to the work our customers perform.

In the defense industry, quality control saves lives. Our quality requirement management process includes the implication of visual metrics, using tools such as rulers, pull tests, cold tests, and stress tests. Our quality management system for all military and civilian gear is crucial, and we strive to provide and maintain assurance for every product we make.

Our capability to manufacture a variety of high-quality products for every customer is what sets us apart from our competitors, both in past projects and future endeavours.


Our dedication to our quality can also be seen in the certifications we hold, including:

  • ISO 9001:2015. View.
  • Controlled Good Registration Program (which entitles designated officials at ICP to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with the Defense Protection Act (registration #21085). View.
  • Registered under the U.S. Canada Joint Certification Program (#0024713, DD Form 2345). Contact us for a copy.
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